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Mono STN display on an AVR32 AP7000

AVR32 NGW100 Driving an STN LCD Module

AVR32 NGW100 Driving an STN LCD Module

I’ve had a few controllerless QVGA (320×240) mono LCD modules lying around for a while looking for some use.  These are fairly easy to get going with a low-end microcontroller using an external controller IC like the SED1335, but that’s another story.  I’d been thinking about doing some sort of integrated home automation project, and since this would need a user interface and I happened to have an NGW100 going spare, getting one of these displays to run on the AP7000’s integrated LCD controller seemed like a nice idea.

The NGW100 only has a 16-bit interface to its already relatively slow DRAM, so driving a high-res colour LCD from it leads to a fairly obvious slowdown.  For this application a mono display would be adequate, and easier to drive, requiring only a 4-bit data bus, the 3 clocks and a GPIO to power up the drivers.  The LCDC has no problem driving an STN panel, although I had to deviate from the datasheet in one area to get it to work – more on that later.

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