ZX Spectrum on Altera DE2-70

Monty on the Run (DE2-70)

Laurent Mitnik has ported my FPGA Sinclair Spectrum to the Terasic DE2-70 board, and has very kindly allowed me to publish his changes.  The port is based on the 200110901 release from the Downloads page.

I don’t have a DE2-70 on which to test this, but Laurent provided the screenshot to the right showing his board running Monty On The Run.

You can download the port from here for now, with the longer term plan being to move the source for both onto Github (when I have some time to convert the existing SVN repo).

5 thoughts on “ZX Spectrum on Altera DE2-70

  1. Point777


    Is your project compatible with DE2-115 Terasic board?
    If not, what should be done in order to make it work on this board?


  2. Mike Post author


    I’m not personally familiar with the DE2 series (I’m just hosting the port), but the -70 and -115 do look quite similar. The DE2-70 port won’t be directly compatible, because the FPGAs are different, but I don’t think it will be hard to make it work. Required changes may be as simple as re-mapping the pin assignments and changing the target FPGA in Quartus, and you may need to adjust the PLL settings if the available clocks differ.


  3. Holger

    Well with my DE2-70 this does not work. I downloaded your sof with Quartus 13.0 plugged a PS2-Keyboard and a VGA Monitor with both worked fine in the past with the board.
    None of the KEYs performs a reset. LEDR 8 MSB on and rest off. Or did I miss some trick to use the stuff?
    Would be an interesting project if working.

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