WebRadio is an open-source Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform designed from scratch to be remotely controlled from a browser. The front-end is written in HTML5 and Javascript, and can be accessed from any modern browser, including from smartphones.

Internally the server is highly modular, with support for multiple tuners and multiple demodulators per-tuner. As well as providing streaming audio to clients, each receiver can be configured with additional sinks such as server-side recording and data decoding.


Supported Hardware

Currently supported tuner hardware:

  • RTL2832U-based USB sticks

Support is planned for the following:

  • Ettus Research USRP
  • Fun Cube Dongle
  • External receivers with computer control support via Hamlib

Current Status

Under Development. You can check out the code from git, but it is not yet feature-complete and there are known bugs!



WebRadio is (C) 2013 Mike Stirling. It is licensed under the GNU Affero GPLv3.

webradio_screenshot.png - WebRadio (126 KB) Mike Stirling, 07/25/2013 11:12 pm